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I Tried It: ADAMA Purify Glacial Mud Mask

I recently had the pleasure of trying a selection of products from ADAMA - a body care line crafted with 100% Calcium Montmorillonite clay blended with herbal extracts, essential oils, butters and other loveliness. Their extensive line of products with unique formulas captured my attention and after experiencing the products first-hand - I am loving them!

My very, very favorite product is their ADAMA Purify Glacial Mud Mask. I have used many, many clay/mud masks on myself and clients over the years and this one is spectacular. In addition to sustainably harvested, mineral-rich glacial marine clay, this firming and exfoliating mask is also created with skin-soothing and protecting ingredients like comfrey, chamomile, calendula and sea kelp.

Wanting to really put this product to the test, I took it with me on a girlfriend's weekend to Northern Michigan with a group of my best buds since 4th grade. After a stunning fall day of driving the shore of the Traverse City Bay and visiting Pond Hill Farmwe snuggled down in our cozy rental for a little old-fashioned girl's night - PJs, wine and a little spa time.

Girl's night with my goofy forever friends.
The ADAMA mask is formulated for all skin types, which was great since the four of us each have very different skin, ranging from oily to dry and hormonal/acne prone. After a gentle cleanse, we each applied the mask generously. It applies gorgeously, gliding over skin. And unlike other clay masks on the market, this mask offered deep cleansing benefits without being drying or irritating. Our faces were left soft, smooth, glowing and balanced. I still noticed the benefits to my skin even days later. This one is a keeper!

In addition to this mask, there were two other products that I fell in love with from the ADAMA product line. Ancient Clay Repair - a nutrient rich clay treatment cream for irritated skin containing oregano, tea tree and eucalyptus oil - quickly healed an angry mosquito bite on one daughter, itchy skin on the other and razor burn on myself. White Coconut Body Butter - blended with coconut extract, shea and cocoa butters and mongongo oil - smells insanely delicious and keeps skin soft and protected for hours with just one application.

In addition to being created with mineral-rich clay, ADAMA products are also vegan, paraben/sulfate/gluten free. Looking forward to trying more!

The Top 3 SCFYS Posts of All Time!

Since we have been apart for awhile, dear people, and some of you are brand-spanking new to this blog, I thought I would take a walk down memory lane with the Top 3 Skin Care for Your Soul blog posts of all time

These were the posts with the most views over the past 6 years...

The most popular SCFYS blog post ever with over 12,000 views! I guess kelp is the new black!?!

The second most popular post...

And the third most popular SCFYS post of all time...

Enjoy! :)

When Life Gives You the Finger...

It has been some time since I have written a post here at this ol' blog. For these past few months, life has been, well, pretty darned full of the stuff life throws at you.

I will give you the Cliff Notes...

We sold our home of 13 years at the same time my husband, Jim, had a serious bike accident and our 13-year old Husky, Zoe, was fading from kidney problems. We said goodbye to our dear neighbors and I said goodbye to my home skin care studio, as well. We had four days to move from the old home to the new home. We moved to the new home and just a few days later, had to say goodbye to our beautiful, precious Zoe. Shortly after, during a routine test, Jim found out he was having concerning issues with his blood and was sent to a hematologist. And all of this came full-circle in the midst of a brutal Mercury Retrograde - just in time for our wacky summer to be over and school to start. Phew.

Our sweet, sweet girl.
I guess you could pretty much say that life gave us the finger. For several weeks, I thought I was losing my mind and wanted nothing more than to sit in the corner sucking my thumb.

I missed my old home - the home I brought my babies home to. I missed my sweet dog. I missed my neighbors. I missed my studio, my business and my clients. My husband was unable to walk, making moving into our new home a challenge. And his blood test made us fear the worst. I was struggling to keep a cheery face for my kids, who were making one of the biggest transitions of their life, so far.

Life has a way of sometimes trying to appear that it is bringing us down.  But, when you take a step back, take a deep breath, remember that we are resilient creatures (physically and emotionally) and really take the time to look at things - you are given the bigger picture.

Our new home is set on a beautiful 4+ acres of land with a quiet pine grove and an oak forest. When it was "go time" for our lightning-fast move - our village of friends was there at the ready, lifting, hauling and sweating to help move our lives from one home to the next. Since we didn't move far, our old neighbors have been close by to keep in touch - stopping by often and having us over for dinner. And we have met wonderful new neighbors. My husband eventually got back on his feet and was able to walk again. We found that the strange blood test was due to anemia, which we are working to resolve. The loss of Zoe still makes my heart ache, but my heart is also warmed knowing that she stuck with us long enough to make sure we got to the new house safely.

Plus, we got this super-sweet picture of my husband right before he crashed head-first into the ground. Somehow he forgot he wasn't 13 anymore when he went over this awesome bike ramp. So thankful that he has recovered from his injuries.

All of these things make me smile.

We have the power as to how we react to what life throws at us. We can choose to wrap ourselves up like a burrito in the crap of it all - or rub our eyes clear and look at how life is actually doing us a solid.

So, I guess the moral of this story is: When life gives you the finger...smile and wave back. :)

Wishing you a big-picture, warm-fuzzy, smiley kind of day!

Much love,

Tropical Piña Colada Body Scrub/Mask

Although the skin of many raised the white flag toward the end of this winter, the hope and promise of spring is here - a time for renewal - or as a friend recently joked, more like an entire "renovation!"

With the coming humidity and warmer temperatures, dry, itchy skin will subside, becoming more in balance with the tipping of seasons.

Yeah, but I can't wait for that. So, I am full speed ahead to shed my winter-worn shell and reveal the fresher skin beneath with a tropical-inspired body scrub that transforms itself like a super-hero into an exfoliating and moisturizing body mask. 

The brown sugar in this mask acts as a physical exfoliant, whisking away dead skin cells, while the enzymes in the pineapple help to dissolve the "glue" between dead skin cells, freeing them up to escape from your bod. Coconut oil and coconut cream give your skin a tropical, fragrant dose of moisture. And the optional coconut extract just smells really nice. :)

Won't you join me in a little luxurious self-care? Grab the ingredients on the recipe card below and let's get rollin'! Smoother skin awaits!

What to do with your leftover coconut milk and pineapple? Make a yummy Piña Colada smoothie, of course!

How are you shedding your winter skin?