Tropical Piña Colada Body Scrub/Mask

Although the skin of many raised the white flag toward the end of this winter, the hope and promise of spring is here - a time for renewal - or as a friend recently joked, more like an entire "renovation!"

With the coming humidity and warmer temperatures, dry, itchy skin will subside, becoming more in balance with the tipping of seasons.

Yeah, but I can't wait for that. So, I am full speed ahead to shed my winter-worn shell and reveal the fresher skin beneath with a tropical-inspired body scrub that transforms itself like a super-hero into an exfoliating and moisturizing body mask. 

The brown sugar in this mask acts as a physical exfoliant, whisking away dead skin cells, while the enzymes in the pineapple help to dissolve the "glue" between dead skin cells, freeing them up to escape from your bod. Coconut oil and coconut cream give your skin a tropical, fragrant dose of moisture. And the optional coconut extract just smells really nice. :)

Won't you join me in a little luxurious self-care? Grab the ingredients on the recipe card below and let's get rollin'! Smoother skin awaits!

What to do with your leftover coconut milk and pineapple? Make a yummy Piña Colada smoothie, of course!

How are you shedding your winter skin?

Skin Science: High-Risk Melanoma Gene Mutation Discovered

Scientists have recently pinpointed mutations in a specific gene that are responsible for a hereditary form of melanoma.

1 in 20 melanoma patients have a strong family history of this deadly form of skin cancer. Researchers found that people with a mutation in the POT1 gene were highly likely to develop melanoma. The POT1 gene is responsible for protecting the ends of our chromosomes from damage and the mutation deactivates that protection.

The discovery of this mutation explains why some families have such a strong hereditary disposition to melanoma. It also allows for those individuals to be identified, so that they may detect melanoma earlier and have better success at managing the disease.

As always, protecting yourself from the sun and avoiding tanning beds can reduce the risk of skin cancer. However, for those who fall into this high-risk hereditary group, this discovery offers a ray of hope.


Calling all lovers, lovers of lips and luscious lip treats! I am excited to offer you - 
What is The Painted Pout?
A handmade, natural lip creation delivered to you each month (for 3 months - from May to July 2014) to grace your face, delight the senses and make you feel like the beautiful goddess that you are.

Who will delight in The Painted Pout?
  • Anyone who finds joy in the form, function and fashion of lip care and lip color
  • Anyone who loves to explore their senses with fresh colors, textures and scents
  • Anyone who does not have allergies or sensitivities to natural body care ingredients, including nuts or plants
  • Anyone who wishes to offer themselves a unique self-care experience 
  • Anyone who desires a handmade, natural product, crafted with quality, sustainable ingredients

Your $49 membership includes:

  • One hancrafted, 100% natural artisan lip surprise delivered directly to your mailbox each month for 3 months - it may be anything from a tinted lip balm to a lip smoothing salve, a shiny gloss or a lip repairing serum - always a delightful treat!
  • All packaging and shipping fees
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Memberships close April 12, 2014 and there are only 15 spots. 
The first shipment will go out in May, with June and July to follow.
I hope that you will join me for this intimate 3-month affair! SMOOCHES!!!

5 Ways to Love: Hydrosols

One of my favorite herbal delights is the wispy and mysterious hydrosol. What is a hydrosol - or sometimes called "herbal distillate?" It is the aqueous product that is left over after distilling plants to extract their essential oils. What is left is the water soluble, aromatic and therapeutic qualities of the plant. These aromatic waters offer a myriad of wonderful applications for body and home.

1. A natural body fragrance spray.

Hydrosols make a wonderful alternative to body sprays containing artificial fragrances. Spray them all over skin and hair for a subtle scent.

2. An aromatic and therapeutic facial mist.

Since hydrosols retain the treatment properties of plants, they can help to support healthy skin. Try rose hydrosol for dry/mature skin, neroli for oilier skins, calendula or chamomile for sensitive skins and tulsi (holy basil) for acne prone skin.

3. A luxurious addition to your bath.

Add a cup of hydrosol to your bathwater for a plant energized, aromatic and therapeutic soak.

4. Add them to your food.

Hydrosols (food grade only) can be added to food and beverages to excite your tastebuds and offer a tasty treat. Try a splash of rose hydrosol in a mug of warm milk and honey with a dash of cinnamon. Divine!

5. Scent your home.

Hydrosols offer a gentle fragrance that can be used to scent your rooms and linens.

Do you have any interesting ways that you like to use hydrosols?

3 Hot Spring Lip Colors

I love makeup. I love everything about it - the colors, the texture and the transformation. To me, it is art and a way of whimsically expressing ourselves. While I love a bare naked face (and sport one often), I also love a painted one - and I do not find the latter to be oppressive. I find joy and individuality in it. It is empowering.

To that, lets look toward spring color! Every year, Pantone offers their thoughts on seasonal color trends - colors that will permeate the worlds of fashion and design - from flip flops to fingernail polish. 

This year's color palette is presented as a "Season of Equilibrium" - soft pastels balanced by bright, vivid color. According to Pantone, the Spring color palette offers "a mixture of blooming flowers, travels abroad and strong, confident women, designers use color to refresh, revive and defy conventional wisdom."

The standouts for lip (and nail colors) this Spring are Radiant Orchid, Cayenne and Celosia Orange.

Radiant Orchid, the Pantone Color of the Year, is a vibrant purple pink that would look amazing on almost everyone, but looks especially stunning on fair and dark skin tones.

Cayenne is a hot and spicy, amped up red with hints of burnt orange - for those times when you are feeling extra sassy.

Celosia Orange is a bold and almost over-the-top flame of color that would look amazing on darker skin tones and those with red/copper/auburn locks.

What color will you rock this Spring?