Lavender Cocoa Kiss DIY Sugar Lip Polish

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With the winter's chill in full force, there are lots of dry, flaky kissers happening around here. Here is a simple, 4-ingredient lip scrub that you can whip up in seconds to exfoliate, smooth and soften your lips.

2T plus 2t organic cane sugar
2t coconut oil (melted or use liquid coconut oil)
1t cocoa butter (melted)
1 drop lavender essential oil 

Mix all ingredients in a small bowl, allow to cool to room temperature and transfer to an airtight jar.

Apply to dry lips in a gentle circular motion for about 15 seconds. Wipe scrub off with a warm, damp cloth and immediately massage a bit of cocoa butter or your favorite lip balm into your lips. Treat yourself to this lip scrub weekly and use within one month.

Don't have cocoa butter or lavender oil on hand? Make a simple 2 ingredient lip polish with just the sugar and coconut oil! Add a few sprinkles of cocoa powder for an extra treat. ;)

A few tips to prevent dry, flaky lips:
  • Apply lip balm prior to going outside into the elements - every single time.
  • Look for lip balms that are rich in natural moisturizing oils and butters, as well as beeswax, which helps lips retain moisture.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Avoid the urge to lick lips when they feel dry, as this will continue the cycle of dry lips. Apply lip balm instead.
  • Apply a nourishing lip balm or lip oil, like Lip Serum No. 14, prior to bedtime to regenerate lip tissues while you sleep. 

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DIY SWEET LOVIN': Edible Chocolate Body Paint

The loviest, doviest day of the year is nearly here. Are you ready? 

Here is a quick and easy, last-minute DIY idea to kick your swoon-fest up a notch this Valentine's Day - DIY Chocolate Body Paint!

DIY Edible Chocolate Body Paint

1 oz chocolate (white, milk or dark to allow for different colors, or you can even tint white chocolate with a natural food color, like India Tree)

1 teaspoon organic coconut oil (or more to get your desired consistency)

Gently melt ingredients in a glass bowl set in a warm water bath inside of another pan (the fancy word for this is a "bain-Marie" ). Stir and use while still slightly warm (but not hot - please test the temperature before painting any body parts, for goodness sake!!!). 

Alternately, you can use 1 t or more of cocoa powder in place of the chocolate. 

You can double the recipe for more paint and any extra can be stored in a covered container and rewarmed for later use. You can even use leftovers as a moisturizing and toning face mask.

Have a super-sweet, chocolatey, sticky, love filled, ooey gooey Valentine's Day!


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Glycation: Why Sugar is Making Us All Wrinkly

It is no secret that excess sugar consumption can lead to health issues. But did you know that it is also a major contributing factor to aging - including premature aging of the skin - by a process called "glycation?"

What is glycation? Well, when there is too much sugar in the body, protein molecules can cross-link with sugar molecules, creating new sugar proteins (also called AGE's, ironically) that the body does not recognize.This process produces antibodies that cause inflammation in the body, resulting in accelerating the aging process. This is a very simplified description of the process, but is basically what is happening with the sugar swirling around inside you.

How does this make us wrinkly? The inflammation created by the glycation process causes inflammation in our skin. In fact, AGEs tend to affect dermal collagen and elastin, specifically - the stuff that keeps our skin youthful, supple and resilient. This results in wrinkles, skin sagging, premature aging and can also compromise skin's barrier function that regulates moisture and hydration. 

And the crazy part? It doesn't matter if it is refined sugars (like donuts and pastries) or natural sugars (like agave and honey). Glycation occurs when there is an excess of any sugars - the body doesn't discriminate.

Such a bummer. 

So what can we do to minimize this process? Here are a few general tips:
  • Omit refined foods, simple carbs, alcohol and sugar as an ingredient from your diet, to minimize the amount of sugar in your body. Many foods (like simple carbs) turn into sugar in your body after you eat them, even though they may not be sweet.
  • Use natural sugars, like honey and agave as needed, but sparingly.
  • Use stevia - a naturally sweet plant that is readily available now at your grocery - in beverages, baking and cooking. It does not cause the same response as sugar in the body and is a great alternative to artificial, sugar-free options that do scary things to the body. Here is a great post from Mountain Rose Herbs on making your own stevia extracts at home to flavor your foods
  • Look for skin care ingredients that are anti-inflammatory and calm and soothe the skin when applied, such as licorice root, aloe, jojoba, honey, seaweed, chamomile, green tea and oats.
  • Strive to include antioxidant rich foods in your diet, such as blueberries, nuts and dark, leafy greens. These antioxidants in the diet help to fight the aging process.
  • Get your Omega Fatty Acids with foods such as salmon and walnuts. The Omega Fatty Acids have also been shown to help to minimize inflammation in the body.
  • Follow a generally healthy lifestyle with plenty of rest, exercise, fresh air and love.
There are, of course, a myriad of things that contribute to premature aging - pollution, lifestyle, genetics - but minimizing sugar in your diet is one way to surely help support the health of your skin. And healthy, happy skin - our own best skin - is what it is all about. Not the airbrushed version of what we think things should look like.

On that note, one thing I would like to add, to finish this post, is that each of our faces tells a story. It carries memories of our years in our body - life's joys, sorrows and dreams. 

Every line and every crease is a part of you that makes you unique. With a society so obsessed with youth and aging, let's all take a moment to just look at ourselves in the mirror and love what we see. Touch those creases and remember all of the times you smiled at your child or pet. Remember the difficult times that you triumphed over. Remember all of the love and magic and good in the world that face has seen. 

You are beautiful.


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